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Staying healthy and human in the digital age.


I'm Mary Lou Singleton.

I've been caring for families as an herbalist, homebirth midwife and nurse practitioner for over 25 years.

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Resources for staying healthy and human in the digital age.

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Learn everything you need to know about healing yourself, your family and your community with herbal medicine.

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Herbal Products

Hand-crafted organic and wild-harvested tinctures, elixirs, teas, and more.

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Musings on birth, sex,  gender, transhumanism, and the medical-industrial complex.

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Integrative Medicine
Family Practice & Herbal Medicine
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How I Healed 

A podcast with Jocelyn Macdonald

Inspiring stories of healing in sovereignty.


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 What to Do When Menopause Gets Wild!


Crossing the River of Blood and Fire

This online course is designed to help women understand and manage the biological, emotional, and psychospiritual changes of menopause. Participants will learn about symptom management through herbal and pharmaceutical methods, as well as gain support from a like-minded community. The course offers valuable insights and practical tools for embracing this transformative life stage with confidence and knowledge.

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The Herbs of Enchanted Family Medicine

This fifteen week Materia Medica class provides in depth information on the preparation and uses of the 120+ plants in the Enchanted Family Medicine apothecary. 

Mary Lou shares her wisdom gained over 30 years of practicing herbalism and providing holistic womb-to-tomb health care to the families of New Mexico.

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