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Learn the Art of Herbalism.


Are the plants calling you?

Have you always wanted to be an herbalist? Are you longing to deepen your understanding of herbal medicine? Are the plants calling you?

Mary Lou has been studying and practicing herbalism for over 30 years. In her classes she shares wisdom gained from her personal relationship with the plant world and decades of practice caring for the families of New Mexico with plant medicine.

Feel empowered to care for yourself, your family, and your community with herbal medicine.

Pediatric Herbalism for Parents and Professionals

This empowering class is designed to empower parents wishing to be more self-sufficient in their families' health care as well as health care providers interested indeepening their understanding of herbs.
Learn how to recognize the warning signs of conditions requiring immediate medical attention and how to safely treat everything from head colds to head lice with herbal medicine.
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Creating a Family Medicine Chest

This introductory class will give you:

  • Confidence to start using herbal medicine right way
  • Introduction to many herbs every family should know and have on hand
  • Information on preparations and dosages of herbal medicine  

Price: $25

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Inoculating Our Children 

Against Transgender Ideology

with Mary Lou Singleton & Isabella Malbin

Everyone’s child will encounter transgender ideology. It’s not a matter of if but when.

$149 USD

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